Asset Management

Custom Strategy Fits Your Circumstances

Individual Investors

You want to enjoy life.  You want someone you can trust to look out for you and your family. 

You need your assets to last—no matter what the markets do.

Institutional  Investors

You oversee the investments of others.  They count on you.  You have fiduciary responsibility. 

You need prudent investments, prudently administered.  Not the flavor-of-the-month from Wall Street.

“Investment success is primarily determined by consistency and the avoidance of major losses of principal in the worst market conditions.”

Thomas J. Feeney, Mission’s Chief Investment Officer

“The first rule is not to lose.  The second rule is not to forget the first rule.”

Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

“When circumstances change, I change my view.  What do you do?”

John Maynard Keynes, Economist

We have you covered. 

Investment risks and opportunities shift as market and economic conditions change.  This calls for adjustments—sometimes significant ones—in an investment portfolio.

How does Mission Trust prepare for uncertainty and risk?  We employ flexible, all-weather investment management strategies that navigate portfolios safely through market and economic uncertainty. 

Are you prepared for this uncertainty and risk?

Call us to discuss your financial objectives and learn how we can help.

Reliable Investment Solutions

Mission Accomplished

Making It Last.  No Matter What.

Jane was an independent, self-sufficient retiree when she came to Mission Trust in 1999. Mission Trust’s flexible market strategies helped her weather two stock market crashes and recessions, a near-collapse of our banking system, and the housing crisis. 

Financial markets shook, but Jane’s portfolio did not.

Jane is now over 100 years old and relies on her portfolio to support 24/7 medical care. As she looks back, Jane appreciates that Mission Trust has ensured that she had a strong financial base to support her. Worries gone, legacy preserved.

Income Where There Was None

A Tucson manufacturing company accumulated excess cash as the 2008-2009 financial crisis unfolded and the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates to zero.  The company’s CFO watched income evaporate.

Our outside-the-box thinking solved the problem.  Mission Trust negotiated directly with dozens of banks for higher interest rates and limited early withdrawal penalties on bank certificates of deposit.  The result?  Higher income, plenty of flexibility for changing investment conditions, and a safe net yield well above that of short-maturity U.S. Treasury bills.

Core Investment Principles

Sound, Time-tested Thinking.

We are principled investors, striving for better-than-market returns over the long term, with greater stability and less volatility in portfolios we manage.  With preservation of capital as our cornerstone, Mission Trust builds portfolios that meet your particular investment objectives and financial needs.

Core Investment Principles

  • Employ flexibility to generate opportunities and manage risk – Position portfolios, both offensively and defensively, for uncertainty and change in economic and market conditions.  Pay attention to the tides of long cycles. 
  • Buy low, sell high.  Invest when and where we find value – Apply independent research and judgment.  Avoid following the herd over the cliff.    
  • Limit the potential for losses – Portfolio strategies and processes mitigate the risk of enduring losses.  Active and systematic risk management.  Daily monitoring of price levels.  We review your portfolio every day.
  • Remove emotion from the investment process – Quantitative, evidence-based, data-driven models guide Mission Trust’s analyses.
  • Know every client – Unlike giant institutions that lump clients into prescribed models, Mission Trust manages your assets for your particular situation. 

Our Latest Investment Thinking

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