Trust & Estate Services

We Protect and Preserve Your Future and Legacy

Mission Trust provides highly personalized trust and estate services for clients and beneficiaries that depend on irreplaceable assets.  We help families and organizations across the nation navigate the legal and practical challenges they face in preserving and protecting wealth.

  • I want a professional to help me manage and preserve my estate as I get older.
  • I have a family member with special needs or a disability.
  • I live out-of-state and need help caring for my aging parents.
  • I have a business, collectibles, or real estate in my trust.
  • I don’t want to burden my loved ones with my trust and estate administration.
  • I have a blended family and want my current spouse and children to be treated fairly.
  • I want to put my IRA in my trust, but I don’t know if I can.


Whatever trust or estate circumstances you are facing, Mission Trust can help.  Let us protect your future and legacy.  Call or contact us.

What Our Clients Say

“We were looking for a trustee that could oversee personal services for us when we’re no longer able to take care of those needs ourselves.  Now we don’t have to be concerned about living near our children as their jobs change.  We trust the people at Mission to understand us, our needs, and our resources.  Mission is a perfect fit.”

Pete and Jan S.

Trust Administration

Who Will Protect Your Assets When You Can’t?

Our custom-tailored successor trustee services are for clients who value hands-on services for their revocable and irrevocable trust assets. You will have a personal relationship with an experienced trust officer who knows you and your trust’s circumstances.


Who will protect your assets when you can’t? Whether you are facing an illness, cognitive change, or are feeling vulnerable, our team ensures that your assets are guarded and preserved so that you can live comfortably and securely.


We make impartial decisions when working with beneficiaries to help preserve family harmony. Our trust officers draw from extensive experience to safely manage trust investments for lifetimes. After you are gone, we follow the terms of your irrevocable trust to make important decisions about how best to support your loved one’s medical, housing, education, and budget needs.

Estate Settlement

Independent and Professional Administration of Your Wishes

We understand that trusts aren’t for everyone. A will can effectively settle your estate. Naming Mission Trust as your personal representative (“executor” in some states) in your will relieves your loved ones of the demands of managing your final affairs.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Combining a Best Interest Focus with a Team Approach

Mission Trust collaborates with family members, agents under powers of attorney, personal attorneys, professional advisors, and industry specialists to effectively serve the beneficiary of a third-party special needs trust. Ongoing trust monitoring and annual special needs assessments help to:

  • Optimize beneficiary health and welfare through responsible financial oversight.
  • Preserve public benefits.
  • Invest assets prudently for a lifetime of needs.

You’ve spent time and money on a specialized estate plan to support your loved one. Let our team execute your plan collaboratively and professionally. As experienced specialists and members of the Arizona Fiduciary Association, our team members stay educated and informed on special needs planning.

Case Study

A special needs trust beneficiary received excessive care management that didn’t improve his quality of life, but drained the trust’s funds. With the help of the beneficiary’s family and caregivers, our team introduced new care providers without compromising his best interests. We reduced annual trust expenses by 30% and extended the beneficiary’s ability to rely on the trust.  Assets + Financial Advocacy = Beneficiary’s Best Interests! 

Impartial and Responsible Management of Your IRA Assets

Acting as Your Agent with a Limited Power of Attorney for IRAs

You spent your entire career building your retirement assets for a rainy day, but who will help you manage those assets when that day comes?

Mission Trust provides continuity of IRA management with its Limited Power of Attorney for IRAs. As your agent, Mission Trust bridges the gap between health and disability to ensure prudent management of IRA assets and timely distribution of your required minimum distributions.

What happens when you become incapacitated and cannot manage your IRA assets? A common myth is that your trustee will manage your IRA assets, but this is not true. The Limited Power of Attorney for IRAs protects your retirement assets from risky investment decisions and IRS penalties, while growing the assets for your current needs and beneficiaries.

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