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Case Studies



Too Many Portfolios


Samantha is a smart CFO for a complex non-profit.  She has all the organization’s “eggs” counted.  But there are lots of accounts and different money managers.  Every account has different reporting.  With her workload, she struggles to find the time to track all the accounts.


Mission Trust implements multi-tiered investment accounting and reporting.  We consolidate the organization’s complex entities into just a few collective accounts. The result?  The organization saves money, time, has more alternatives for money managers, and new opportunities for size discounts in its contracting.

Offshore Domicile


A Wall Street brokerage firm announces it will no longer service offshore captive insurance companies.  The money manager needs to find a new custodian flexible enough to accept these very different end-client portfolios.


Mission evaluates the regulatory risks and pre-flights the specifics with our regulator.   We custom-tailor policies and procedures.  The result? The offshore entities experience no break in service and the money manager keeps them as clients.

Conserving Expenses


Sister Mary Alice is the treasurer for a congregation of Catholic nuns.  She has no inside experience with securities markets, but appreciates trustworthy partners.  She wants to reduce the investment costs for her congregation, which must ensure its retirement fund is sufficient for its members.


Imagine identifying new payment sources to eliminate all out-of-pocket custody costs.  Mission Trust uncovers substantial dollars to pay for custody services.  The result?  A more secure retirement for members.

Conservative Fiduciary Culture

Safety and Security

Above everything else, you count on your assets to be there when you need them. 

Mission Trust embraces that responsibility with a conservative fiduciary culture, as only a trust company can.  Sound operations, risk management, compliance, no conflicts of interest, and a commitment to excellence and the highest ethical standards.  Our operations revolve around protecting and safekeeping your assets. 

We’ve sharpened every detail of our systems and internal processes to do it right.  Since 1994, Mission Trust:

  • Has a perfect string of unqualified external audits with no reportable conditions.
  • Is and has been in good standing with the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions.

Custom-tailored Solutions

You want a securities custodian that can prevent and solve problems using customized tools. 

What’s working and not working?  What structures or reporting are essential to maintain?  What information do you need? 

We propose solutions that simplify your work flow, save you money, and improve the information you have available for decision making.  Your portfolio information is accessible 24/7 through our secure internet connection.

Safe, Sound, Buttoned Down.

Mission Trust’s operations work within a sophisticated securities trading and settlement network.  This enables us to process any securities-related activity—trade settlement, income collection, or corporate action—in an accurate and timely manner. 

Our office takes a hands-on approach to custody and trust operations.  If you have a question, our problem solvers are just one phone call away. 

  • Financial stability – No company debt and no off-balance sheet liabilities
  • Well-established custody and trust accounting systems
  • Client accounts segregated from Mission Trust’s corporate accounts
  • Multiple points of account and trade reconciliation
  • Fidelity insurance and errors & omissions insurance as required by statute
  • Written, board reviewed disaster recovery plan and annual testing
  • Highly trained and qualified
  • Succession plans and designated back-up personnel for all mission-critical functions
  • Continuous internal audit, and annual external financial and operating controls audit
  • Annual, on-site examination by the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions

Client Kudos

“I wanted to tell you how professional, efficient, and dedicated Cyndi has been.  I truly appreciate her fast responses to questions, her late night emails, and the manner in which she dealt with critical transactions. Without her hard work and professionalism, I do not think we could have been able to do our work effectively. ” 

Gary S.

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