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Notwithstanding brief periods of weakness, both stock and bond markets have experienced remarkable success for more than seven years running. Through that period, those who have continued to highlight various dangers as reason for caution have been perceived as boys who cried "wolf." Copious quantities of newly printed money have flooded the equity and fixed [...]
Almost all investors have at least a general familiarity with the long-term performance record of stocks, bonds and cash equivalents. Over the 90-year span from the end of 1925 to year-end 2015, common stocks provided an average annual total return of 10.0%; Intermediate U.S. Government Bonds 5.3%; and risk-free U.S. Treasury Bills 3.5%. All this [...]
As a child growing up in poverty in Costa Rica, Carmen Bermúdez knew at a young age that she would do more with her life. She aspired early on to become a bullfighter – the fear and the challenge drove her will to achieve her dream. After overcoming the many obstacles on her way to [...]
Carmen Bermúdez was named one of Arizona’s Most Intriguing Women in the Arizona Legacy Project, sponsored by the Arizona Historical Society. Carmen thanks her love of bullfighting for giving her the courage to overcome any obstacles she faced in the male-dominated financial industry. She plans to continue to make a difference and to help women [...]
Unless you are extremely well off ($10 million or more in liquid assets for individuals or families), fight the urge to retire in this era of great financial uncertainty. The United States and much of the world has embarked on an unprecedented venture to absolve the financial sins of the current and immediate past generations [...]