Accounting for Every Cent

Ever wonder how financial professionals account for your assets? Every financial institution has an operations team (the “back office”) that accounts for every cent in your account.

At Mission, our Operations team is local, personal and accessible. We have two full-time staff members that take a hands-on approach to posting and balancing the daily transactions in your account. These transactions include the purchases and sales of securities, interest and dividend receipts, and additions or distributions to accounts. Unlike most registered investment advisors or investment managers, Mission’s operation team is in-house, not a contractor or an outside firm. A local team means that we are incredibly responsive to our client’s needs.

We balance to zero each and every day using sophisticated trust accounting software. More than one set of eyes reviews account transactions daily. Our Operations Administrator, Kerri Osborne, is responsible for posting daily transactions to client accounts. As the Director of Operations, I review those transactions and balance the accounts for the day. Our trust officers review the prior day’s transactions.

This intensive review process ensures that mistakes are rare. If mistakes happen, we correct them quickly and inform clients immediately. More importantly, it ensures that your funds are exactly where they are supposed to be.

By Cyndi Sprague, Vice President, Director of Operations

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